27 October 2013

Top 14 Most Romantic Places/Time to Kiss

This article will guide you the places where you can have most romantic kisses which will remember you throughout you life and i hope you are aware about Different Types of Kisses that we have talked so for.

  1. On a secluded beach - Here we do one of the best places to kiss and to get kissed is on BEACH. We can say this in kiss guide way as “BEACH KISSSING” or “KISS ON THE BEACH”. The world is all yours! The waves gushing through your feet and the sun setting in the background… Imagine that!

                            Beach Kissing
  2. When it’s pouring or raining - Whilst everyone is running for shelter, you grab him/her closely and lock your lips like you’ve kissed never before. The water trickling over your faces and wetting your lips makes it so enjoyable. Try it tonight itself in the shower if you can’t wait! One of the most sensual ways of kissing. “RAIN KISS” or “KISS IN THE RAIN” in kiss guide way.

  3. In an closed elevator - This is most exciting and full of adrenaline rush with a fear of getting caught. The idea of trying something kinky is exciting. Whisk yourself up to the topmost floor and then zoom down to the ground again. Why don’t you let your thoughts wander for a moment.so this will be “ELEVATOR KISS” OR “KISS IN THE ELEVATOR” in kiss guide way.

  4. In a balcony or on a cliff during full moon - After having a wonderful day in the past with you loved one .kissing under the moonlight, you have chances to become the next Romeo & Juliet!.So this will be “MOON KISS” or “KISS UNDER THE MOON” in kiss guide way.

    Kissing in Full Moon

  5. During a boat ride - All away from the world just the two of you the utter silence where you can just hear the sound of water around you as he rows the boat. And you seal the warm lips of your love.“BOAT KISS” or “KISS ON THE BOAT” in kiss guide way.

    Kissing in Boat

  6. Besides a waterfall - You can just hear the loud sound of the water gushing down with so much force in the background and the mist sprays over your faces as you kiss. So “WATERFALL KISS” or “KISS IN THE WATERFALL” in kiss guides way.
    Kissing in waterfall

  7. When it is snowing outside -This is to give some warm feeling.  It is cold outside, but inside you have dim lights and the wood burning in the fireplace. You sit down on the floor or lounge on a lazy couch holding your partner. And you have strong toung to toung kissing guess where it can lead to. so its ”SNOW KISS” or “KISS IN THE SNOW” in kiss guide way.
    Kissing in Snow

  8. Besides a Bonfire - Your bodies warm up and the scene doesn’t get steamier than this… Try to remember the warmth you felt next to a bonfire last time and imagine being there with your sweetie. So its “BONFIRE KISS” or “KISS IN THE BONFIRE” in kiss guide way .
    Kissing in BonFire

  9. Next to a Fountain - This can be littile funky.Smooch besides a fountain as the water sprays on you. Stop and stare into his/her eyes. Smooch again. Then get yourself a cosy room!so its “FOUNTAIN KISS” or “KISS IN THE FOUNTAIN” in kiss guide way.
    Kissing in Fountain
  10.  Backseat of a car - This is the best bet for teenager I have seen them trying lot. If you are bit older than it can remind you your golden days.so this can sure lead to much more than just kissing passionately. It depends on how adventurous you can get! If you get a chance next time, be careful, but do unleash your fantasies!.so its “CAR KISS” or “KISS IN THE CAR” in kiss guide way.
    Kissing in car
  11.  In a glass elevator -This type of kissing can sensulaise both the partners and ca lit up the true love in the soul.The backdrop of a beautiful city with the shining sun or the evening lights makes you feel like rising high into the clouds! Can you imagine that? We already named so won’t name it again.

  12. During a forest trail or in the woods -Yes the wild way. Perfect for getting as naughty as you can! Let those ideas come in.
    Kissing in Forest

  13.  On the porch under at a starry sky -Cuddle up in a nice rocking chair under a blanket and make out. Don’t you really love this? I am quite sure you are goanna pounce on him/her after reading this, right?
                                       Kiss in starry sky

  14. In a cable car -Hanging in mid air with the world below you as the cable car wobbles… Just make sure you don’t move too much!!
    kissing in cable car

 And feel free to comment about your fav places where you kissed or got kissed by your loved ones.

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