19 November 2013

How to approach Girl Next Door ?

You are here because you need some advice on how to be less shy and quiet, and also need some tips on how to be more of a social person and how to start conversations without feeling shy. :)
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The first Step – Go and talk to her
The main thing is to walk over say hello, ask her name, and DON’T immediately give her compliments because most women are used to this sort of approach and will just think your the same as every other guy. The first 2 minutes of meeting a girl are most important. In that moment she will decide whether she is going to talk to you or not.

Talking to neighbor girl,neighbor girl talking

        This what you can do -

  • Start simple: just smile or wave. If you walk by her sometime just say "Hello". There's no need to rush into a complex conversation first thing. Maybe if she seems to want to talk, start asking her a few questions like her name, likes, dislikes, and what her talents are. Just go from there. Be calm and happy and nice, and most likely she will want to get to know you.


  • You need to walk up and introduce yourself. Say, "Hi! My name is ____. What's yours? I've seen you around a lot and there aren't many people our age around here, so I thought we should at least know each other and maybe be friends! " I'm sure she'll be happy to be friends. Don't give her gifts or make cupcakes or anything like that at the beginning or she will think that you just want to go out with her.


Second step – Make eye contact
Now it’s the time for eye contact. Straight after the initial meeting gain eye contact, give a smile and then look away. Here don’t just loose the confidence. Make yourself comfortable.

Girl next door step by step guide

Third Step – Take her number
Talk naturally. Don't worry about what you should or shouldn't say. Don't fall into the trap of feeling nervous around her. Approach with confidence; don't use cheesy pick-up lines, they rarely work. A simple "Hi, how are you tonight?" should break the ice. Or, if you're a teenager, a less formal "Hey, how's it going?" or "Hey, what's up?" will suffice. Being polite and friendly always helps

take neighbor girls number, date with neighbor girl

Always try to smell the environment. If your comic genius is not being appreciated, then say, "It was great to meet you" and cut your losses. If you come on too strong, some women might feel threatened.

Never try too hard to get the girl next door. It may seem hot and sexy in the movies, but in reality she is just your average girl looking for a man who will treat her right. The more you learn, the better!

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