26 October 2013

How To NIP Kiss ?


Here is the Step by Step guide to The NIP kiss.

Step 1- Naturally, in the "nip-kiss" the kisser is not supposed to open his mouth like the maw of a

Step 2- Then sink his fangs into the delicate-flesh of the kisses. You may compare the your lip situation to the lips of a PIG. Looks awkward but its true.. when you will try nip kiss you want to try it more time.

The procedure is the same as the ordinary kiss except that, instead of closing your lips with
the kiss, you leave them slightly. open and, as though you were going to nibble on a
delicious tid-bit, take a playful nip into either the nape of the neck, the cheek or the lips.
just a nip is enough. And the resultant pleasure, I assure you, will more than compensate
for the slight inconvenience of pain.

In Other site it has been mentioned to "bite" the kisser but its not that exactly.

also see :- http://kissingguide.blogspot.in/2013/10/how-to-pain-kiss.html

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