26 October 2013

How to Eyelash Kiss/ Butterfly Kiss ?

"EYELASH KISS" is a slight variation of "eye kiss" and this can be practiced as a tender diversion.
This tyep of kiss can be practised after an intense period of "soul or "vacuum kissing" when lovers
lie back tiredly,

Step 1- looking into each other's eyes , the-young man should lean over the face of the girl. 

Step 2- But,instead of implanting his lips on hers, he should bring his cheek into direct contact with
her cheek again. 
Butterfly Kiss

Step 3- When this is done, man should lower his eyelash so that they
enmesh with the eyelash of his partner.Note- This, of course, is done one eye at a time. 

Step 4- And when the enmeshing process is complete, each should gently raise and lower his or her
eyelids. The contact of the hair of the eyelash is one that is almost indescribable.  :)

Suffice it to say, it is a charming bypath in the meadows of love that is pleasant, provocative and
yet not exhausting.

Try it out Kiss of EyeLashes you will surely enjoy with your partner

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