26 October 2013

How to Foot/Feet Kiss ?

The Foot Kiss or "Feet Kissing" is not much complicated.This kiss could be tried before making love or more you can say if you make your self really good at this Foot kiss technique  you can be master of making love 
here are the steps-

but before i begin let me tell you hygiene is really important in the Foot Kiss.please clean your feet properly before your partner kisses on your feet, make sure you don't want to give him bad taste.

Step 1- Go down to your partners leg and lift her leg swiftly .make sure you have eye contact with your partner at this time.

Step 2- Gently suck on your partner's toes and then kiss his foot very lightly.

Remember if your partner is self-conscious about odor, take a relaxing shower or bath together beforehand.

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