28 October 2013

How to Approach a Girl Successfully

Let's get right into it and waste no time with introductions, let's try to answer the question of 'how to approach a girl ?' So you roll in to your favorite club, bar or coffee place and you see the girl of your dreams, What do you say now?

before to that if you want to approach college girl.i would suggest you better look for :-
How to Approach Girl in College

How to Approach a Girl No No's!

First off, I don't want you guys going up with a cellphone to your ear pretending to be on the phone with LeBron James. Also, flexing your muscles is also becoming obsolete I'm afraid. Seriously here though, the one thing that kills guy approaching a beautiful girl is thinking about what to say to her too much. This is killer right here. I can remember the times where I must've rehearsed the line I was going to say to her ten times in my head and the time came I either wussied or sounded like a complete dork because I was stuttering like crazy.

Now that that's out of the way, let's look at some proven techniques on how to approach a girl.

How to Approach a Girl #1

Don't Think About It
Thinking about what you're going to say to a beautiful girl is usually deadly because of the natural fear of rejection that most guys are afraid of getting. Thinking too much usually leads us down such a logical route that we start talking to ourselves about all the good reasons why it's a bad idea to approach that girl in the first place.

How to Approach a Girl #2

Say It, Don't Spray It
Just come up to the girl and say something within 30 seconds. People call this the 30 second rule and it's golden window of opportunity to approach a girl before it becomes too awkward. What do I say you might ask? It's very easy to just introduce yourself with something like "Hi, I'm Peter. I thought you were really cute and I wanted to meet you" with a smile of course. This usually makes you seem very straightforward to women and makes them find you really confident.

Approach Girl in college

How to Approach a Girl #3

You're Golden!
You've talked to the girl and you have your foot in the door. Don't make things awkward and talk to her as if you were talking to anybody you know. Mainly, change topics! Don't keep talking about the same topic you opened with and stick to topics that don't relate to any politics, work, school, religion or how to approach a girl etc.

Do this enough times and you will be an opening machine and the question of how to approach a girl won't even be a problem!

I think we shed some good light on how to approach a girl and of course if you're ever in doubt of how to approach a girl, just remember this one thing. Stop Thinking, Start Doing!

Below is the Video that describe about how to approach a girl.

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