14 November 2013

How To Make Girls Like You By Avoiding 4 Mistakes Most Guys Do ?

Being able to make girls like you is a lot EASIER if you know what the worse mistakes guys make with girls they like are. Today you will learn what the most common ones are, and how to avoid them.

1. Don’t slip into the Friend zone

This has to be one of the GREATEST problems guys experience when they're trying to make girls like them. I personally made this mistake couple of times, so I know how frustrating it can be. How does this happen? If you spend TOO MUCH time around some girl, act mostly as her friend, and NOT TRY much to elevate the relationship to the level you desire, you are on a way to becoming her friend.
The key here is to flirt and to be cocky most of the times. Make her know that you are NOT interested in becoming just friends. It takes some GUTS, and it brings some RISK, but, it’s way better to get rejected than to get so DEEP into the friend zone that you are the one she talks with about guys she date or like. If you are ALREADY in the friend zone, you must carefully present her the IDEA of you two becoming MORE than friends, while you take some distance from friends duties .

2. Don’t hesitate

A lot of you guys hesitate when the girl is READY to be with you. And because of that, you BLOW IT with her! If you notice the signals that she likes you, or that she is interested, the worse thing to do is to stop and think! Act INSTANTLY! She ALREADY likes you, or is at least very interested! If you wait for a perfect moment or to get completely sure she likes you, you will miss your chance. She think that you are NOT interested enough, or that you are too SCARED. Either way, she will start looking at other guys.

3. Don’t misread her signals

If a girl makes EYE CONTACT in a bar or nightclub with you, that is all you need to approach her! If she smiles at you, or tries to be constantly around you, she WANTS you to approach! Girls will rarely give you more obvious signals, because they think the ones she give you are more than ENOUGH. After all, a lot of guys approach them all the time, so they are not used to have to try much about some guy.
If you have already ESTABLISHED some contact with her, these are some signs that she has interested: she makes a lot of eye contact, she laughs at your jokes, she touches you, she has constantly close to you, she touches herself,

4. Don’t be too aggressive

SOME girls like when a guy is aggressive and straight forward from the beginning. But, most of them like to play games. Flirt, have fun, make her mind WONDER. Estimate how FAR you can go with cockiness and aggressiveness. Many girls are turned off if a guy is too confident that they want to be with him, or if he acts like he is God’s gift to women. So, slow down, be CONFIDENT, but don’t be arrogant and rude.

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