14 November 2013

A Man's Crash Course in How to Kiss

The art of giving a woman a great kiss isn't a skill you're born into. I've never met a guy who gave the first woman he ever kissed an great kiss. Knowing how to kiss in such a way that her lips tingle and her body melts into your arms is something that's learned through endless trial and error. Some of the key lessons I've discovered over the years are the timing of the initial kiss, kissing her the way she wants to be kissed, and creating sexual tension.

The first kiss is a big step in any interaction. The first kiss tells her a lot about you: How relaxed with her are you? How confident do you feel with her? How comfortable are you with your desires? Based on how you kiss, she'll even come up with ideas on how you are in bed.

Not only that, the initial kiss also sets a tone for the rest of the relationship Does it feel formal and procedurized? Or does it feel sensual, sexual, and natural? The initial kiss is the first impression of what sensual touching with this person is like, and like all first impressions they affect the rest of the interaction.

While you're first learning how to kiss, there are two key points to get about the initial kiss: Kiss her as early as you can, and to generate as much chemistry as you can. (Which we'll go over in a moment.)

Kissing the girl sooner rather than later generates a more relaxed environment. The longer you wait, the more she feels like she's in a "courting process", rather than being in an interaction where the two of you are just interested in each other. Making the move early also speeds up the pace for a speedier and more passionate interaction. How early you kiss her ripples out into how quickly the rest of the interaction will follow.

One other key point in learning how to kiss is the art of reading out how she wants to be kissed. Each girl has a mental picture in her mind of what her ideal kiss is - Some women enjoy a lot of tongue, others like a gentle and sensual kiss, while some other women prefer to be pressed up her back and feel completely controlled by the man who's kissing her.

One large part of learning how to kiss is learning her style of kissing and giving her exactly that. Once you can do this correctly, you'll start having women tell you things like "That was amazing - You're one of the best kissers I've ever met!"

Finally, learn to create a sexually charged moment when you kiss her. Women dream of the moment when their heart stops beating, their skin is flushed, and everyone within five steps can feel that sexual energy. A lot of learning how to kiss with that sensual energy is about communicating your desire for her, non-verbally.

Those 3 tips we just went over are just some of the things you should learn in learning how to kiss. Other skills, like how to add variety to your relationship, making her feel warm and cared for, among several others are also skills that are very important when you're giving a girl a great kiss.

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