14 November 2013

How to make a girl like you in Office ?

This one is INTERESTING! How to make a girl like you if you work together? 

Office Hookups,How to get girl in Office

Well, firstly I must state that I am against hooking up with girls you work with, because it may backfire on you. I suggest that you only do this if you like this girl very much, if you are CONFIDENT that you can get her, and if you know that she wouldn’t make you any problems if/when you break up. Did you get that? Ok, let’s move on then.

Office Hookups,How to get girl in Office

Right at the BEGINNING we must address one specific ISSUE. You simply don’t have a chance to make her like you, if you are (for instance) a regular salesman, and she is a CEO. It’s almost impossible to make a girl like you, if you are beneath her in the hierarchy of your company. You only stand a chance if she has more important position in the company than you, but in the OTHER DEPARTMENT, or if you two work in a very SMALL COMPANY.
It’s much EASIER to make a girl who you work with like you, if you are both at the same hierarchy level. But, it’s the easiest if you are above her, especially if you are the BOSS of the company. Yes, SOME GIRLS will like you just for the money and the opportunity to get a raise. But, most of them will like you more because of the power and confidence you have as a boss. We talked about this in previous articles: power is the most powerful aphrodisiac!
Now that we covered the basics, let’s concentrate on answering 

                "How exactly to make a girl like you if you work together?"

Office Hookups,How to get girl in Office

The ADVANTAGE here is that, since you get to see her almost every day, you have much more time to make her like you. And therefore, you can do it BETTER than if you were in the nightclub, for instance. But, there is also a hidden DANGER: if you make your moves to slow, she will eventually consider you just as a friend. That is why is important to FLIRT with her almost NON-STOP. You should very early start to fill her head with the idea that you two could (and should) get together.

Of course, DON’T BE TOO OPEN at the beginning, because she might get offended, and might even charge you for sexual harassment.

get girl in office

What do you must show her? Confidence and ambition. You should always TAKE THE LEAD, you should always come up with new ideas, and you should always try to BE THE BEST at what you do. This is what you should do even if there is no girl you like around, so you can MAKE PROGRESS in your career faster. But, there is an EXCEPTION for this rule, and it’s when she doesn’t really care about her job " she won’t care about you being successful, too.

office romance

But, there is MORE than just being confident, ambitious and successful. You should try being more creative, because women love creative guys. Also, and this can be very hard for some guys, try to ELIMINATE stress and negativity that your job may give you. People just don’t like being around nervous and negative people, even if they themselves are like that. Therefore, you should be more humorous and relaxed than your other male colleagues.

So, these are the things that you should know when you want to make a girl like you if you work together. You should also have in mind that the looks, body language, communication skills, and your general energy level are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

If you sincerely follow this.you might endup like the image below:-

Kissing In Office

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